Begins "De Architectura" with these words of the author dedicated to Augustus:
"Cum divina tua mens et numen, imperator Caesar, imperio potiretur Orbis Terrarum"...
Whilst, O Cæsar, your god-like mind and genius were engaged in acquiring the dominion of the Orbis Terrarum"...


The direct reference to the triumph of Augustus in the government of the world, name to this like "Orbis Terrarum", allows us to understand better who was the author of the text and as it was his inspiration. Orbis means in Latin circle, wheel. The Orbis word is used when reference to a flat and round world like a wheel becomes, is the "Orbis Terrarum" the monumental geographic map that Agrippa made in Rome at he himself moment in which it was written "De Architectura".

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  1. Pliny does make reference to this important testament to Rome's domination of the ancient world. The transfer of this marble "orbis" to the flat map of Peutinger is still a mystery. Can anyone provide more information? The best source I have found is the book "Rome's World" by Dr.Richard J.A. Talbert.